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Arduino RFID door lock

Simple solenoid lock with serial RFID reader
Published on June 20, 2019.

To avoid unwanted access to my old room, I saw the need to install some kind of additional door lock mechanism. After taking a look around my parts-bin, I've settled on an RFID-based solution.

Luckily I still had a serial RFID antenna from Conrad (TowiTek TWT2021) lying around. It simply outputs the ID of a transponder in reach on a serial output with 9600 baud as ASCII string.

Combined with a cheap door-lock-solenoid from Amazon, a relais-board and a power-supply the project was basically completed. To easily allow opening the door from the inside, I've added a small push-button that triggers the solenoid to the door-handle.

The code can be found on my Gitea-Server.