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Some files mirrored for archival purposes

There is this trend of releasing binaries or small utility programs in Web-Forums or loading them onto one-click hosters. Some years in the future, these forums or hosters probably won't exist anymore, while there is still a need for the software that was provided from there.

Here I'm mirroring/archiving stuff that could get lost.

Tomb Raider docs

Here’s some reverse-engineered documentation about the Tomb Raider games found in the depths of the web.

Leikkuri/Cutter v0.43

Simple utility to modify hardcoded TR4 font table. Download (38 KiB) Source

XDumb 0.9.9 PS2 HDD utility for Mac OS X

Should work on PPC and Intel, starting from Mac OS X 10.3.9. Download (338 KiB) Source

You will also need the corresponding server ELF (0.8.6) for your PS2. Download (176 KiB) Source

There are also these modified server ELFs, version u0.8.6 and 0.9.1 as well as 0.8.6 with a size fix (160GB HDDs). Download (1.4 MiB) Source Source

GBDK 2.96 binaries for Mac OS X

Compiled for Snow Leopard, works on Mavericks. Not all examples are buildable. By ProGM. Download (884 KiB) Source

Be warned though: this release could have problems. One thing I've noticed: the font_min is broken, all 'u's look like 'k's. That's a simple fix, just open gbdk/lib/small/asxxxx/gb/f_min.o and change the '15' in line 19 and 23 to '1F'.