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Classic Tomb Raider game engine re-implementation
Project started on December 15, 2013.
Last updated on August 13, 2015.

Recent activity on GitHub:

In 2013 I decided to fork the OpenRaider project to get it to run on a modern Mac OS X machine. I also wanted to learn a bit about 3D graphics and OpenGL. Without planning it, I completely rewrote the whole project in a span of about two years.

Release builds for OpenRaider are available on GitHub.
Latest release of OpenRaider, at the time of this writing: Rewrite (2015-03-13 19:23:50)

I wrote some blog posts about OpenRaider.

I also wrote a bit about my progress in some GitHub release notes.

You can find the latest state of the project on my server and on GitHub. Pre-made Mac OS X binaries are available in the GitHub releases.

A package for Arch Linux was also available on the AUR, but it has since been removed due to inactivity. It should however be possible to run OpenRaider on Linux without any issues.

I also tried to get a Windows port working. It should in theory be possible without too much work, but I didn't know enough about Windows development to get it running back when I tried.

Here are some screenshots from different stages of development.

Main Menu, made with imgui
Debug UI, made with imgui
Skeletal Mesh rendering is currently broken
Old quake-style terminal implementation
Old main menu
What I saw when it ran for the first time
Uuhh... Yeah...
Not too bad...?
Woah, progress!
Now with proper alignment
Trying another font file
Fixed the lowercase p!
And with custom lps file