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YASAB AVR Bootloader

Yet another simple AVR Bootloader with Upload Software for Unix and Android.
Project started on October 09, 2012.
Last updated on July 09, 2016.

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YASAB - Yet another simple AVR Bootloader

YASAB is a simple AVR Bootloader, written in C for the AVR libc. A PC Program sends the data to be programmed with a simple protocol via UART to the AVR. If the bootloader was compiled for the ATmega168, 128x or 256x, it will listen on both USART0 and USART1 for serial communication attempts. The most recent source code can be found in the Github Repository. The Upload software can easily be used in place of avrdude in makefiles.

Another YASAB compatible Uploader implementation is in my xyCopter Android App, using Bluetooth.

yasab /dev/tty.usbserial-A100QOUE test.hex q
Hex File Path   : test.hex
Minimum Address : 0x0
Maximum Address : 0x61E2
Data payload    : 25068 bytes

Pinging bootloader... Stop with CTRL+C
Got response... Acknowledging...
Connection established successfully!
Sending target address...
Sending data length...
100% (25068 / 25068) 195 page(s) written!

Upload finished after 28.0 seconds.
xyCopter Screenshot